Employment & Labor

Forecasts for employment, jobless claims, & the unemployment rate

State Employment

Estimates of state and regional employment numbers are provided by the BLS as a part of the broader Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey. The CES program surveys just under 150,000 employers and public sector agencies.

Total Nonfarm Employment
Manufacturing Employment

Unemployment Rate

Statewide unemployment based statistics are produced from the CES survey mentioned above. The unemployment rate is estimated from business survey responses only so any revisions from the real-time estimates are minimized unlike the national unemployment rate statistics.

Total Unemployment Rate

Jobless Claims

Initial and insured unemployment claims are provided by the U.S.Department of Labor while statewide unemployment benefits expenditures (mandatory spending) are tabulated by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Initial Jobless Claims
Continued Jobless Claims
Unemployment Benefits

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